Learning and Education

Our award-winning education program and team is here to support current ADF personnel, ex-serving veterans and their family members interested in undertaking further study, updating qualifications, or pursuing new vocational training opportunities.

In collaboration with our Education Partners, Soldier On offers a wide range of courses and training opportunities that can help veterans, current service members and their family members get recognition for existing skills, gain new qualifications, build on current skills and explore new vocational areas.

We offer Soldier On participants a free Education Guide, which connects you to Education Partners who are there to support and assist you on your learning journey and can offer free or subsidised courses.

Our Education Partners offer vocational, tertiary, IT, business and short courses, apprenticeships and traineeships, personal and professional development, the Discover My Career assessment tool, mentoring, and more.

The Education team is also here to assist you with: 

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To receive the Education Program Guide or additional education support, please contact the Education team education@soldieron.org.au

A Soldier On Pathways employee sitting with a female in a suit in front of a laptop computer