Real stories

Join us as we share the inspiring real-life stories of Soldier On participants and supporters.  

Exploring journeys of physical and mental recovery, reconnection with community, and career transformations, we showcase the triumphs of the veteran community.  

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Kristy Lewis_Pathways Program Story
Overcoming adversity with the Pathways Program
As a Defence spouse with four children, Kristy Lewis wants nothing more than to ensure her family are in the best possible position...
Amanda Hibberson_Volunteering
Thriving, not just surviving
A survivor is one who lives through affliction, to thrive means to come back even stronger. Soldier On volunteer and cancer survivor...
Thales_Pathways Participant news story
Pathways Participants find meaningful employment with Thales
With over 330 current veteran employees across Australia, Thales continues to showcase their ongoing dedication to provide rewarding...
Brian Heilbronn_Patrons and Ambassadors profile image
The mental health obstacle
For Brian Heilbronn, battling mental health was a similar sensation to wearing heavy body armour.
Lisa Cashman_FREO grou Pledge signing_news article
A rewarding life outside Defence
Lisa Cashman joined the Royal Australian Navy at 19 and found it to be an incredibly rewarding career choice. She was able to change...
Brett Newman_Soldier On Volunteer
Soldier On volunteer brings vital support to regional Victoria
Since discharging from the Army, Soldier On volunteer Brett Newman has devoted the past 10 years to bringing invaluable support networks...
ANZAC Memorial Sunris_Zane Duce news article feaure image
Serving On with March On
Soldier On staff member and ex-Air Force veteran Zane Duce has raised over $12,000 for the March On Challenge after committing to walking...
Surfing - About us
Off-the-hook connections made at surf camp
Soldier On participants take surfing to the next level with Hyundai's Surf Camp!
Maxine Starkey_News story
Collaboration allows veterans to enjoy active lifestyle
In 2014 Maxine Starkey’s life really changed. After being together for 14 years, her husband Michael joined the Navy as an Aviation...
Self portrait Image of Grant Monaghan on a boat at sea
Blue Water Therapy
After an elite Special Forces career, Soldier On collaborator and Maritime Warrior founder Grant Monaghan is helping veterans find...
male veteran holding Australian flag and wearing gold medal
A Sporting Chance
Soldier On recently formed an exciting partnership with Invictus Australia. Invictus Games competitor and Soldier On ambassador Ben...
1024 x 682
A Super Human
Nurse and proud army wife Rosie Lansdown suffered chronic PTSD after a cycling accident while training for her first triathlon. Her...
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