Our employment services are designed to assist you with practical career advice and employment assistance.

When you are in the Australian Defence Force, your career is all but mapped out – job interviews, writing resumes or business networking aren’t things you really have to think about.

When you leave the military – whether voluntarily or due to illness or injury – knowing where to start to find a new career that will provide the same sense of identity, belonging and self-worth can be challenging.

Soldier On’s employment program provides the support you need to build a meaningful civilian career. We can also help your family members, who may have had their own careers curtailed due to frequent postings.

Our Program and Engagement Officers are dedicated to providing one-on-one support that includes:

  • Identifying pathways to employment
  • Translating military skills for the civilian workforce
  • Writing a resume, setting career goals and getting you job-ready
  • Providing practical job-seeking help, including interview practice and feedback
  • Inviting you to networking events
  • Providing support throughout the entire job application process

Our Jobs and Opportunities Board connects Soldier On participants to opportunities with hundreds of veteran-supportive employers.

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