Matt Smith

Community Ambassador

Matt Smith is a Community Ambassador for Soldier On. In his role at BGIS, he had the pleasure of connecting with Soldier On over five years ago, when he learnt about the amazing work the organisation does across many channels and initiatives, to support veterans and their families.

Having attended many Soldier On Pathways Networking Events over the years, Matt observed the different attitudes towards employment opportunities that companies could offer within a Defence contract.

One experience stood out to him when a young man was separating from the Military. When Matt started to discuss potential employment opportunities within a Defence contract, the man stated that he never wanted to set foot on a Defence base again. This exchange provided Matt with a better understanding of some of the trauma our veterans have experienced and continue to face. It was this interaction that made Matt realise “we need to tailor our approach to having a positive discussion around employment opportunities and support as veterans transition from the ADF into commercial roles.”

Matt is currently working as the Regional Business Manager at BGIS. A company that has had the privilege of partnering with the Australian Defence Force for over 22 years, providing Facilities Management, Project Management and Real Estate Services to the Commonwealth. BGIS supports Defence in sustaining capability across the estate with a sharp focus on providing a positive customer experience. It is here, that BGIS can offer meaningful and enduring careers for those separating from the military, or for family members of ADF personnel when they are posted to various locations. BGIS explores ways in which roles can be adapted to suit individuals’ needs, capabilities and experiences learnt during their service, to ensure it is a positive transition experience.

By having real discussions around what a career post-military may look like, whether it be with BGIS or another company, Matt is hoping to make a positive impact on veterans and their families. A key focus point for Matt is to demonstrate how veterans’ skills are transferable in the private sector and how he can support spouses and family members with employment opportunities.