Portrait image of Soldier On Ambassador Jordon Ivone

Jordon Ivone

Service Ambassador

Jordan was an Infantry soldier with the 5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment. Jordan discharged from the Army after five years’ service, which included an operational tour to Afghanistan.  

Jordan’s decision to discharge was sudden, left him without direction and unprepared for civilian life. Jordan’s experience while serving, along with prolonged unemployment and financial strain, contributed to his declining mental health. As a result, he developed severe depression and anxiety. The support of his partner motivated him to seek help and they moved to Canberra to access support from Soldier On. Jordan credits Soldier On with helping him to access mental health support and gain meaningful employment.  

After initially completing a 12-month Veterans Internship with PwC that is specifically designed to help veterans build skills to establish a new career, Jordan is now a Senior Associate with the firm in Canberra. In 2019, he was awarded the Prime Ministers Veteran Employee of the Year award, in recognition of his contribution to the firm and clients, and his efforts to assist other veterans thrive within the professional services sector. 

Jordan is also completing a double degree in Law and Politics and International Relations. His passions include helping other veterans successfully transition out of the Defence Force and advocating for veteran employment and education initiatives.