Profile Image of Soldier On Ambassador Dayle Lovell

Dayle Lovell

Service Ambassador

In July 1996 Dayle enlisted into the Royal Australian Navy as a Marine Technician. During her 24 years she served on HMA Ships Success, Tobruk, Melville and Leeuwin and establishments Cairns, Kuttabul and Cerberus. Dayle has been involved with Operations within the Middle East, Persian Gulf, Border Protection and International Pacific Endeavours. In Dec 2014 she was the first female to be promoted to Warrant Officer in the Marine Technical Category and in November 2017 she received a Master’s in Business Management and HR at the Australian Institute of Business. 

Her Spouse is Ex-Defence and they have a 6 year-old son. In 2019 her spouse was diagnosed with PTSD and she decided the time away from family because of defence was not an option anymore and made the decision to transition from ADF to the civilian sector.  

As a transitioning member, Soldier On has provided Dayle with assistance to sourcing future employment. Through the networking, pathways events and CV Writing she has been able to feel at ease during her transition. Dayle believes that without organisations such as Soldier On, she wouldn’t have found an employer or a network of employers to work with.  

Dayle states that she is proud and humbled to be an Ambassador for Soldier On. She chose Soldier On as an organisation that solely provides for ADF and Emergency Services. As an Ambassador she aims to pass on her experiences to her ADF network to ensure they are given the opportunities herself and her family have experienced.