Why Volunteer? 

The benefits of volunteering are many. Here’s why you should consider volunteering for Soldier On. 

Volunteering is a pursuit of passion. People step up, give their time freely and contribute to causes because they see alignment between themselves and the community they serve. Motivation is different for everyone, but here are some common reasons. 

Volunteers often find a sense of belonging. Humans are social creatures, and the community-based volunteering approach provides a place for them to participate and be affiliated with a group of people who have shared values and goals. 

We acknowledge volunteers’ efforts and celebrate wins. We promote the value our volunteers bring to our organisation by telling the stories of how they have made a difference to veterans and their families. 

It takes courage to commit energy to something which has no financial remuneration or guarantee of outcome, but it will enrich your life. Soldier On takes that commitment seriously and supports it. This also often includes supporting new ideas and collaborating with volunteers to align their motivations with the needs of the veteran community. 

Benefits of volunteering
The benefits are a byproduct of involvement. All someone has to do is be involved and value is shared between an individual and the community. When we get things right, a win-win situation occurs. Below are some common examples of benefits shared or received individually.  

  • Share your talents, learn new skills, and create a better work-life balance. 
  • Address stress, loneliness, social isolation, and depression. 
  • Meet new people which can help with feeling more connected and valued. 
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence. 
  • Promote physical health. 
  • Develop social, professional, and community networks. 

Volunteering with Soldier On can take many different forms, from helping to run a social event to writing for our journal. If you have time or a skill to offer our volunteer program, register online or contact the volunteer coordination team at volunteering@soldieron.org.au for more information.  


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