Synergy: Paving the way as Platinum Pledge Partner

Soldier On and Synergy’s history of collaboration  

Over the past five years, Synergy has upheld its pledge to Soldier On to continuously adapt and evolve to ensure veterans are best supported within their workplace and through the work that they do.  

They have been able to establish their Next Steps Discovery Day, a program running twice annually with the specific aim of recruiting veterans and transitioning them into careers as management consultants.  

Through the Next Steps program, Synergy’s support for Soldier On has expanded progressively, through collaboration on Discovery Days, pledging support as a Platinum Partner, supporting the Soldier On Mentoring and Pathways Programs, and participating in the annual March On Challenge. Synergy has also sponsored other major Soldier On fundraising events, such as the inaugural Vet-Am Golf Day in 2020 and the National Canberra Gala Ball in 2021, 2022 and 2023. 

“Our veterans gain significant experience across Commonwealth Departments and Agencies, developing and enhancing their skills and expanding their understanding of what makes Australia tick,” says Synergy CEO Rob Kennedy. “The confidence that comes from this enables our veterans to find their ‘best fit’ in business, often providing services back to Defence, pivoting to new business opportunities, or competing successfully for public service opportunities.” 

Marching On with Loughlin Gould, Senior Partner with Synergy   

The support that the annual March On Challenge rallies grows each year, as more people directly experience the struggles that veterans and their families face. 

“Synergy Group is proud to support Soldier On through vital fundraising initiatives such as our participation in the March On Challenge, but also through their critical work connecting veterans and their families with business,” says Michael Mahy, Defence and National Security Partner at Synergy. “Facilitating a successful transition into civilian life has become a core and central part of our organisation and is a point of pride for our workforce.” 

It’s inspiring to see the lengths participants have gone to this year to raise awareness and contribute meaningfully. A particular standout from this year’s March On effort was Synergy’s very own employee Loughlin Gould, who set out to conquer the challenge with a twist. 

Loughlin and his partner Ashlee Innes combined the Three Passes Challenge in Sagamantha (Everest) National Park, totalling 180km, with a Jiri to Namche Bazaar trek, which was over 100km. The pair essentially hiked the length of three Kokoda tracks, at elevations of 3,000-5,500 metres, with an elevation gain of 15,000 metres. 

Loughlin sourced motivation to conquer the trek around the Himalayas, having come from a Defence family himself and dedicating his efforts to the memory of two friends who lost their lives.  

On Day 15, nestled within the world’s highest freshwater lake system at Gokyo overlooking the third holy lake, he wrote: “Reflecting on today, going over the second pass and navigating the largest glacier in the Himalayas, I reflect on the life of those who have and who still serve. I was born into the Army’s way of life, moving around, and understanding that dad had to go off and serve either through training exercises or on deployment. 

“The Army was king, even having a picture on our wall ‘, Home is where the Army sends you’. But we never really knew what the cost of his service was, same as my uncle, who both had multiple deployments around the world, but both came back well adjusted, positive and seemed like nothing had happened. 

“I don’t know what it is that allows some to be ok, and others like our family friend Mitch Judd to not be so, but I’m glad that there are businesses like the Synergy Group and services like Soldier On to provide the guide rails of support to come down from the highs (and sometimes lows) of military service and enable veterans to see their potential over the next ridge.”  

Platinum Sponsors of the Canberra National Gala Ball –  

Synergy was the proud Platinum Sponsor of the 2023 Soldier On Canberra National Gala Ball, held at the exquisite National Arboretum on the evening of Saturday, 1 April. The theme for this year is a connecting ‘golden thread’, paying tribute to our veteran community through the connection of joint goals, vision and values.  

There was no better organisation to uphold this year’s theme of the golden thread than Synergy, not only pledging but proving the connection of transitioning veterans to meaningful careers in civilian workspaces. 

“We’ve learnt to better recognise and understand the challenges veterans experience during their transition out of service, stepping away from standard recruitment and management approaches to implement different induction and support mechanisms for our veterans,” says Michael Mahy. “Providing support through initiatives like our Veterans Community of Practice and developing career paths for veterans and their families is now a constant within Synergy and is a critical success factor for us. 

“We are committed to providing exceptional outcomes for our clients, so support the successful transition of the veteran population into meaningful employment opportunities, which comes naturally for the Synergy Group,” he says. “Our support for veterans, their families, and Soldier On addresses important community needs and plays an important role in addressing Australia’s ever-growing demand for a capable and dedicated workforce.”  


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