Soldier On and Australian War Widows sign MoU

Soldier On and Australian War Widows NSW (AWW NSW) have made a formal commitment to work together by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), setting out the foundations for collaboration between the organisations.  

“Collaboration is a word we often use in the veteran community, but its meaning can be ambiguous. To collaborate, we must be respectful of each other, recognise strengths, support weaknesses, and share lessons, knowledge and infrastructure,” said Renee Wilson, CEO AWW NSW. 

Soldier On Interim CEO, Prue Slaughter said, “It’s time we start taking constructive action by walking the walk in this sector. This agreement with AWW NSW does just that by addressing practical issues of benefit to our veteran communities and their families.”  

The MoU sets the conditions for collaboration between the organisations by formalising commitments to share office space, work together on projects, and co-deliver programs of benefit to veterans and their families.  

“MoUs are an important instrument in our space. They make clear the responsibilities of each organisation, defining who will do what and how the parties will collaborate. This takes away confusion and ambiguity, which undermines the good intentions of both parties,” said Renee.  

“AWW NSW is grateful for the support offered through the MoU and looks forward to continuing to build strong and long-lasting relationships with Soldier On.” 

Through this MoU, Soldier On is opening its office space to AWW NSW, enabling it to expand its good work in the ACT.  

In March 2023, AWW NSW will expand its Social Connections program in ACT, with current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force veterans and their families set to benefit from the partnership. 

Soldier On has seen phenomenal growth in the last decade. From humble beginnings back in 2012, when a small team was able to support around 200 veterans in three states, Soldier On now supports more than 9,400 veterans and their families across all Australian states and territories. 


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