A little goes a long way

Michael Rose, founder and CEO of Espresso Room, came up with the ingenious initiative of donating funds to Soldier On every quarter, driven by a passion for wanting to support the veteran community. 

Having organised fundraising initiatives for other not-for-profit organisations, Michael is continuously making an incredible contribution. He has involved himself with Vinnies CEO Sleepout, helping break the cycle of homelessness, and has raised funds for a number of mental health services across Australia. 

“The work and support that Soldier On does for our veterans and current Defence personnel is very important. I think we should all be grateful for the lives and sacrifices our servicemen and women have given for our country, which is a debt that can never be repaid,” he says. 

Delivering HELP programs nationwide 

This fundraising initiative goes a long way in promoting environmental sustainability. It has provided unimaginable support to Soldier On in delivering Health and Wellbeing, Employment, Learning and Participation programs across the country.  

To put the initiative’s impact into perspective, with the funds donated by Espresso Room, Soldier On could host 15 separate Pathways Networking Events, giving 750 veterans the chance to meet prospective employers and gain valuable workplace coaching. 

$15,000 can fund over 70 psychology sessions that would assist veterans in overcoming mental health battles, supporting them on a path to recovery, or could be put towards funding 200 peer support sessions giving 1,200 veterans the opportunity to interact in a safe and supportive environment.  

Giving back to Defence personnel and families 

“We wanted to give back to Defence personnel and their family members and became aware of the work Soldier On does during our time as an espresso bar service operator within Russel and its surrounds”, says Michael. 

By donating 20 cents for every keep-cup used in their cafes located within Defence Hubs, Espresso Room has raised over $15,000 for Soldier On.

“We thought rather than offering discounts to purchase keep-cups like most cafes do, that we would come up with a better plan which has more impact. To date, this has been very well received”, he continues. 

Charitable donations and ongoing support to the local community is at the heart of Espresso Room’s brand, as their team and work represent sustainability, passion and a love for the service they provide.  

Michael states, “Our customers are our family, and it’s only right we give back to the community that supports us.”  

Espresso Room is fortunate to be an integrated part of the Defence community in Canberra and has big plans to raise awareness and funds the best way they can to continue their support for serving and ex-serving personnel and their families.  

“We are very proud to be involved with Soldier On and will continue to contribute to help out whenever we can”, says Michael. 

To find out how you can fundraise for Soldier On to support veterans and their families, reach out to fundraise@soldieron.org.au or head to www.fundraise.soldieron.org.au.


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