Vet connect

Transitioning from Defence can pose significant challenges in all aspects of life.  

Soldier On’s Vet Connect is a national program designed to assist contemporary veterans in rebuilding a sense of family and camaraderie of service.

Designed specifically to connect our veterans to a healthy lifestyle, solid friendships, and to their local community, Vet Connect allows participants to gain a greater understanding of their circumstances and gives them the tools to thrive in their transition to civilian life.

This free program takes a selection of veterans to serene locations across their home states, teaching them mental and physical health strategies, relationship building and life skills, while also providing an opportunity to connect with other veterans on a personal level.  

In providing a safe and supportive environment, Soldier On Psychologists are also on hand throughout the weekend to provide optional support to participants through some of the more challenging activities, as veterans confront their own fears and uncertainties following their service.  

Vet Connect sessions are tailored to suit various groups and backgrounds. To find out about the current program offerings, contact activities@soldieron.org.au  

Frequently Asked Questions

Vet Connect is open to all veterans. Each Vet Connect can be slightly different in that it may be female only, male only, mixed gender, or a specific age group.

All Soldier On registered participants receive the relevant invitation to upcoming Vet Connect programs.

Register online today and when a program becomes available, you’ll receive an expression of interest form to your inbox.

Alternatively you can email activities@soldieron.org.au to find our more information.

A Vet Connect weekend consists of activities such as shared meal times, outdoor adventure activities, group sessions, learning opportunities, creative classes, relaxation, and plenty of time to connect with other veterans in a safe and supportive environment.

There is no cost to accepted participants.

The Vet Connect program offers veterans the opportunity to increase their overall wellbeing through social connection, developing new skills and working towards future goals.

Our programs are hosted across Australia. If there isn’t a program close to you, you may be offered to take part in a program that is hosted in another area.

All veterans are required to go through an intake process to ensure our program is suited to your current situation and needs.

You may also be asked to seek clearance from your medical professional.

A Vet Connect program runs for two to three nights and is usually held over a weekend.

Some programs are a one-off, while others can be held over two to three weekends within a six month period. Programs that are hosted over multiple weekends require participants to commit their availability to the designated weekends.