Profile photograph of Kristen Hayes Charlton

Kristen Hayes-Charlton

General Manager

Kristen Hayes-Charlton is the General Manager at Soldier On.

Kristen has over sixteen years of operational and human resource experience in industries such as construction, medical and medical research, technology, cyber security and not-for-profit.

Kristen brings a business-savvy approach to Soldier On, with a remarkable skillset in corroborating department-level success, contributing to larger organisational-wide goals and supporting all Soldier On teams through Governance, Risk and Compliance, HR, Operations, IT, Finance and Facilities Management.

As the General Manager, Kristen holds a unique position, connected to executive leadership, while also involved in, but distinct from various functions of Soldier On. Kristen is constantly working towards ways the organisation can seize opportunities, improve systems, and sustain a high standard of employee performance and service delivery, by maintaining a consistent and open line of communication with our people.

Kristen is passionate about championing peers, managers, and executives to ensure Soldier On’s continued service to the veteran community.