Jeremy Satchell of BAE Systems standing in front of BAE Systems logo and smiling at the camera

Jeremy Satchell

Service Ambassador

An upbringing in a small rural town taught Jeremy the importance of community and the need to band together during the hard times. Leaving the Army after 13 rewarding and fulfilling years, the importance of mate ship, and the continuing need for community and service were ever apparent. 

Jeremy attributes his successful transition into civilian life to his immediate family and several key mentors. He is enthusiastic in recognising this assistance and ‘paying it forward’ to those who need support, particularly in finding fulfilling and meaningful employment after military life. 

Jeremy works at BAE Systems Australia and continues to serve as an Army reservist, is a keen volunteer at his local footy club, a father of two delightful young humans who always keep him on his toes and husband to an ever-supportive wife who always keeps him grounded. “I now appreciate the importance of balance in life, between job, family, sport, and giving back in whatever way I can”. 

Spending several years training and mentoring young soldiers and officers gave Jeremy a passion for assisting others to realise their goals and to become the best that they can be. He is passionate about continuing this and is humbled and proud to be able to contribute to, and support the efforts of, Soldier On.