Dave Waters

Pathways Program Director

Dave has an exceptional career with international experience working within Government Sectors and the Not-For-Profit industry. He worked for over eight years with Jobcentre, a British executive agency as an Employment Advisor, and as a Tutor for students needing support with employment skills.

After moving to Australia in 2010, Dave worked for Mission Australia and Mission Providence within a Personal Advisor role, before being promoted to Business Manager, working with diverse caseloads of jobseekers.

Dave first joined Soldier On in 2017 as a Veteran Support Officer and eventually became a Pathways Officer in 2019, Pathways Manager (Community) in 2020, and Pathways Operations Manager in 2021. With over 15 years of relevant experience, Dave became Pathways Director in June of 2022. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and understanding to lead the team of dedicated Pathways Officers, all with the shared goal of enabling veterans and their families to thrive.

Having worked in the Pathways Program since day one, Dave created invaluable networks within the community and employer space within the Sydney area. He has overseen the program’s growth from just six Pathways Officers to now supporting over 6,000 participants with over 280 Pledge Partners.

The growth that the Pathways Program has experienced within the last four years is a direct result of Dave’s ambitions to see Soldier On participants succeed with their career goals, by providing life-changing services through education and employment opportunities.