Profile image of Soldier On Ambassador Chris Harris

Chris Harris

Service Ambassador

Chris spent eight years with RAAF Security Police as a Military Working Dog Handler. With the goals of wanting to travel and work in a unique environment whilst being a part of something bigger than himself, Chris was deployed to the Middle East with the Combat Support Unit.   

His transition from the ADF was met with multiple setbacks, including ongoing mental and physical health challenges. Chris felt poorly prepared, poorly educated and completely out of control. He struggled with the loss of identity since his discharge and missed the mateship experienced in the ADF. Soldier On provided Chris with significant opportunities and employment which ultimately saved his life. 

Since being in contact with the team at Soldier On, Chris has been working with BGIS and experienced a promotion. Additionally, he acted as a mentor in the recent Pilot Program and helped another RAAF member find employment with BGIS.  

With his background as a Military Working Dog Handler and working with other support networks, Chris recognises the impact a dog can have on people through disability support, mental health or a simple talking point in a group. Chris has reflected on the lessons he has learnt, the amazing people and organisations that have provided supported and hopes to share my experiences with veterans and their families to ensure they feel supported, accurately informed and aware of the opportunities that lie ahead of them.