Brad Moore

Service Ambassador

Brad had always wanted to be a Soldier. At 17 years old he joined the Army as a driver in the Royal Australian Corps of Transport and served for 7 years until 1995. During his service he saw things that most 17-18 year old’s do not see and experienced many injuries along the way.  

During his service, he sustained a severe windpipe injury that continued to affect him after he transitioned back into civilian life. Brad started to develop anxiety around his neck and furthermore suffered from insomnia and claustrophobia. 

Once these anxieties started to impact every day life, he decided to seek professional help. He was open with his family, friends, and colleagues about his PTSD and received much support.  

After Brad had sought the help he needed, he learned about Soldier On through a Pathways event. Brad is now an extremely passionate advocate for the work done by Soldier On in assisting veterans and their family’s transition from service, into daily life. He enjoys sharing the story of his transition and has the empathy to understand what military members and their families are going through. 

Brad has now built a successful career in the oil industry and raised a family with his wife and three children. He is also a member of a costuming group that visits children’s hospitals, Ronald McDonald House and the Starlight Room dressed as Star Wars villains.