Profile image of Soldier On Ambassador Adam Frizell

Adam Frizell

Service Ambassador

Adam transitioned from the Air Force following a decorated 21-year career as an Aerospace Engineering Manager, Maintenance Officer and Project Manager. Adam served with both 34 SQN on the Falcon 900s and 10 SQN on the AP-3C Orion’s where he was deployed to the Middle East on Operations Slipper and Catalyst as well as numerous deployments on Operations Relex and Resolute protecting the northern coastline of Australia. Adam decided to wrap-up his Air Force career in June 2018 to join his wife Emily (a 17-year Air Force Veteran) to grow AeroPM with the focus on employing experienced Veterans to place back into Defence Projects. As a Project Manager in the Air Force, Adam always sought consultants who were Veterans as they brought with them a wealth of experience that was invaluable to his projects. As the General Manager at AeroPM, Adam developed a transition program that strengthened this experience with a strong emphasis on professionalisation and development of consultancy skills across the workforce. Adam’s transition program was most recently recognised by the Prime Minister Scott Morrison with the award of ‘Most Outstanding Veteran Transition Program’ for 2020. 

Adam engaged with Soldier On as an avenue to recruit new talent to AeroPM, however he quickly realised that Soldier On was more than just a talent pool and rapidly changed his focus to sharing his knowledge of transitioning, Defence and Defence Industry to all who attended Pathways events. Adam’s focus on the ‘community is why he has been recognised as an Ambassador at Soldier On and Adam’s influence across the transitioning Veteran sector is a true inspiration for organisations seeking to further their corporate social responsibility. 

As an Ambassador, Adam hopes to grow the Defence Industry community’s awareness of Veteran employment and establish a network of organisations willing to assist employing veterans as a collective.