Social Connections activities encourage Defence personnel, veterans, and their family members to reconnect with themselves, each other, and to build links with the wider community.

From our ‘Surf Therapy’ Program to coffee catch-ups, yoga classes to creative writing workshops, these programs and activities have a range of purposes and benefits to meet the various needs of those we support.

The benefits of engaging in social connections include building a network that provides support from the community, other Defence families and ultimately building meaningful connections with people. 

“If it wasn’t for those half-hour coffee catch ups, I wouldn’t have bothered with society at all"
- Participant
“Without soldier on, I'd probably still be sitting at home"
- Participant


Serving On

Building resilience and connection through volunteer and/or community service.

Serving On provides former Defence personnel with the skills, opportunities, and support to continue to serve through purposeful work and impactful projects helping people and communities.  For more information email

Family Ties

Strengthening inter-generational individual and family resilience through strengthened connections.

Soldier On’s Family Support Program strengthens family bonds and provides tools for getting and staying connected in the future. For more information email

Facing Forward

Soldier On have developed a back to confidence program called Facing Forward that is focusing on providing Defence personnel, both men and women, with the tools to adjust and accept their self-image after leaving their service. *Currently funded by the WA government and offered in Perth only.


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