Running a fundraising event or taking part in an organised activity is a great way to involve your friends, family, community or workplace. These activities or events can be fun and great for your health, fitness and overall wellbeing. All while supporting a great cause!


You can organise a bake sale, community fete, morning tea, barbeque, physical activity, and much more.


Before you start, make sure you have a look at our Community Fundraising Guidelines and fill out the application form to receive an Authority to Fundraise. If your activity involves an element of risk (such as a multi-kilometre trek), we will need to ensure that appropriate risk assessments have been completed before authorising the fundraising event.


An Authority to Fundraise is the official documentation from Soldier On showing your activity or event is a legitimate fundraiser for our organisation. It also allows us to ensure that you are provided with the relevant confirmation and receipts for any funds received by Soldier On for your activity.


There are multiple activities and events held across Australia (and internationally) that allow you to raise funds for your selected charity. You can raise money for Soldier On by participating in some of the organised activities and events in your state.  
You pay your registration fee to the organisers, choose Soldier On as your charity, get your fundraising page set-up… and off you go! 


Please send us an email at to find out how to set up your own fundraising page.


Donation pages are a great way to ask family, friends and colleagues to support your efforts, from all around the country. You can share these pages on your social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, send links to friends and family and possibly have them put on your work intranet site.


They are also a safe and secure way for funds to be donated for your activity or event, so there is some peace of mind for yourself and those who are supporting you (and no need to line up at the bank!)


Please send us an email at to find out how to set up your own donation page.


It’s time to enjoy yourself while supporting a great cause! Good luck fundraising and thanks so much for the support. Make sure to send any great photos or stories to us at We love to share information about our amazing community fundraisers. 
Just make sure anyone snapped in the photos is happy for their image to be shared on Soldier On’s social media pages!