Donate Click to View SOLDIER ON’s ANZAC Day Virtual Commemoration Service Please note: This website contains names, images and voices of deceased Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples. This website contains war-related material, including images which some people may find confronting and disturbing. Read their stories School Resources Driveaway ANZAC Day services Donate When WWI, ended in 1919 Australian soldiers arrived home. Things felt different when they returned, and many of our veterans were dealing with significant physical and mental injuries. Although Australia was nearly bankrupt, the people were keen to resume normal life with a sense of hope, but our soldiers were suffering continued trauma as they attempted to transition back into society. For many, the war continued within them, throughout the Great Depression and the rest of their lives. Unfortunately we didn’t have the same kind of resources, awareness or knowledge to support them, as we do today. More than 100 years on, Soldier On work to enable veterans and their families to thrive. Soldier On provide a range of support services relating to mental health and wellbeing, employment, learning and participation. Soldier On is ensuring that our veterans and their families are supported long after the uniforms are replaced by civillian clothing. Your donation will enable Soldier On to provide the support for veterans and their families to thrive. “The success of Soldier On to enable veterans and their families to thrive, is only possible because of the valuable contributions from our community. We receive messages of thanks and support from those we have supported, and we see the positive impact that our programs and activities have in changing the lives of veterans and their families for the better, but we’d like to thank you for your support in helping us continue to support veterans and their families.” – Ivan Slavich, CEO Soldier On DONATE