Family Ties Picnic – Canberra 2018

Soldier On’s inaugural Family Ties program commenced in 2017 with the support of the Ian Potter Trust.

The aim of the program is to provide avenues to strengthen family bonds that may have been affected by service and provide tools for family to get, and stay, connected in the future.

The initial program saw six families come together in Canberra from all over Australia. They participated in a range of couples and group sessions, fun team building activities and relaxation sessions over three weekends, within an eight month period.

The second program has recently wrapped up in Victoria, with five families from the Melbourne and Albury regions coming together to spend time as a group participating in number of activities including surfing and a puzzle treasure hunt. This weekend was possible thanks to the support of the Ian Potter Foundation, the YCW Camp Committee Patriotic Fund for financially supporting the weekend and the YMCA Phillip Island Coastal Discovery Camp who hosted the activity.

The Program Schedule

Weekend 1 – Couple sessions focused on relationships and learning relaxation techniques.

Weekend 2 – Soldier On partnered with Outward Bound in the ACT to deliver a fun, three-day adventure style program for the whole family.

Weekend 3 – Back to the ACT Centre for consolidation sessions and coaching on techniques to move forward and to use at home. The first day saw a combination of separate programs for couples and children, while the final day brought everyone together.

To apply for future Family Ties program please contact,au


Soldier On’s Shane Greentree explains the Family Ties program:

You can see more about the program at the following links:

How to support

During the pilot phase, Family Tie’s implementation, operation and administration was supported by volunteers and was funded by the Ian Potter Trust and Soldier On.

Soldier On will be seeking support for the long-term development of the program. Our vision is to see this program available in multiple locations across the country.

Please contact us if you would like to be involved or learn more on how you can support veterans and their families through the Family Ties program.