Welcome to Connect Hub.

Connect Hub is Soldier On’s new online initiative to help support you more at this challenging time during the Covid-19 pandemic. Social distancing doesn’t mean you need to be alone. Join us online and together we will get through this.

Soldier On enables veterans and their families to thrive. We provide holistic support and can help you with Health and wellbeing, Employment and Learning opportunities, Psychological support and more.  

Soldier On’s Connect Hub is here to help you get support, stay connected, keep informed and be engaged. Connect Hub links you to Soldier On’s online social activities, an online library of useful resources and new Psychologist-led online group support workshops.


Online Activities

stay connected

Soldier On is evolving to help support veterans and their families better. We’ve launched a range of online social activities so you can stay connected.

Please email for more information.

Online Resources

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Group Workshops

Be engaged

We can help you through this challenging time and help you manage stresses of Covid-19. With Soldier On Psychologist-led group support workshops for veterans and their families.


Email to register your expressions of interest and find out more about these new online group courses.

“It’s been so great to be connected to others at this time and to stay active”


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