Soldier On Celebrates National Volunteer Week

During May, Soldier On celebrated National Volunteer Week with Volunteering Australia.

Each year over six million Australians volunteers over 600 million hours to help others. At Soldier On we are incredibly grateful for the support provided by our amazing volunteers.

Social connections officer, Josie Rickard sat down and interviewed Soldier On volunteer and veteran Jye Martyn. Here’s what he had to say:

What has been your motivation for wanting to volunteer for Soldier On?
Since leaving the RAAF I have wanted to work with veterans to support them with the challenges we face after transitioning. I hope to use my past experiences to motivate others in their own journeys as well as aid in connecting veterans with other veterans to restore the comradery they lost after leaving the military.

Why did you choose Soldier On as your organisiaton of choice to volunteer?
Soldier On has proven itself to be a leading organisation for veterans. I believe my goals and the goals of Soldier On are very similar in wanting to support veterans in their transition to civilian life. Joining this organisation is a real honor and I hope to be a part of it for a long time to come.

What is something you have gotten out of your experience with volunteering at Soldier On?
Volunteering with Soldier On gives me more then I give it. Being a part of an organisation like this brings along a sense of belonging. For a lot of veterans that feeling disappears after discharge. Volunteering for Soldier On also motivates me with working towards a Bachelor of Social Work.

Would you recommend volunteering with Soldier On to family members or friends?
If your motivated, if you have a passion for supporting veterans, I would highly recommend joining the Soldier On team as a volunteer. You will be well supported and meet some amazing people.
Thank you to the 322 volunteers that Soldier On is currently actively engaged with. Your commitment to Soldier On helps us to deliver our services to more veterans and their families.

For more information on how you too can volunteer at Soldier On, fill in an application form online.