Tee-rific activity helping mental health

Veterans seeking social connection have welcomed the regular Golf Driving activity at Yarra Bend Golf Club. Golf has been proven to provide mental health wellbeing benefits and improves confidence, self-esteem and anxiety levels. Our participants are thriving when connecting with others who have the same passion for fine-tuning their technique for hitting those little golf […]

Blue Water Therapy

Self portrait Image of Grant Monaghan on a boat at sea

After an elite Special Forces career, Soldier On collaborator and Maritime Warrior founder Grant Monaghan is helping veterans find solace through wind, water and waves.  It’s little wonder the Navy was Grant Monaghan’s choice when he decided to join the ADF. Since he was a young lad, Grant took himself to school on a 12-foot […]

Our Place Amongst the Stars

Landscape image of dark trees in front of a starry sky

Exploring the cosmos to find connections On a cold winter’s night in Kilcunda, Soldier On Melbourne participants were treated to a Social Connections experience that was simply, out-of-this-world. After six COVID-related failed attempts, the Melbourne team was able to facilitate its first-ever astrophotography workshop. This workshop was led by award-winning astrophotographer and retired United States […]

Working Together

Red Poppies

To help veterans thrive, collaboration amongst ESOs is key to effecting long-lasting change. At last count, there are over 60 ex-service organisations (ESO). If you include RSL sub-branches, that number rises to above 3500. That’s a good thing. The more people helping veterans throughout their lives, the better. But to the more cynically inclined, this plethora of ESOs could […]

A Super Human

joyful female running a marathon

Nurse and proud army wife Rosie Lansdown suffered chronic PTSD after a cycling accident while training for her first triathlon. Her world shrunk, drastically. Over two years Rosie’s world became very bleak and dark, very quickly. “My world shrunk a lot with the PTSD, I became very isolated, and with Covid, it was even worse.”   […]