Soldier On to Inform Australian War Memorial Veteran Advisory Group

Soldier On National Program Director, John Hardgrave, has been selected to sit on the Australian War Memorial’s Veteran Advisory Group.

The Australian War Memorial has formed the initial three advisory groups to provide relevant guidance on gallery content as part of the Memorial’s expansion. Of these groups, the Veterans Advisory Group will advise the Memorial in exhibition content development, particularly regarding how to reflect the diverse experiences of veterans and their families.

“Through our ongoing program of engagement and consultation, advisory groups will help the Memorial ensure that the stories we tell in the new galleries are relevant and that the spaces themselves are accessible and inclusive for all members of the public, our veterans and those still serving,” AWM Director, Matt Anderson said.

With 17 years of service in the Infantry, John Hardgrave has seen operational service in the Solomon Islands, Timor Leste and Afghanistan, as well as deployment in domestic operations such as the Queensland Flood Assist.

After leaving the Army, John went on to gain formal qualifications and experience in the private sector and continues to serve on Local Boards, Consultative Forums and Steering Committees for State and Federal departments. John also continues to serve in the Army Reserve. As National Programs Manager, John manages Soldier On’s Pathways Program, working to support veterans and their families with employment and education opportunities post-service.

“The experiences of our servicemen and women, together with their families, are incredibly varied. Each shares unique and powerful insights into Australia’s involvement in conflicts, as well as the rewards and sacrifices that come with service. I am honoured to be part of the Veterans Advisory Group and I look forward to representing my fellow veterans throughout the process,” John Hardgrave said.