Australia Marches on Against Veteran Suicide

From Monday 1 March, Australia will hit the streets to prevent veteran suicide as part of Soldier On’s March On Challenge.

March On is a virtual walking challenge, calling upon Australians to walk 96 kilometres, the length of Kokoda, during the month of March to raise funds to help prevent veteran suicide.

The Challenge pays tribute to the sacrifices made by our brave soldiers in Kokoda in World War II and highlights the importance of helping our serving and ex-serving veterans of today.

“The act of marching is of course an intrinsic activity linked to Defence and with the literal connection to the month of March and the incredible symbolism and military significance of Kokoda, we believe that March On with Soldier On is a campaign that will – and should – resonate with thousands of Australians,” said Solider On Australia CEO, Ivan Slavich. 

“It’s no secret that many of our servicemen and women – and in-turn their families – face significant and unique post-service struggles including difficulty finding work, post-traumatic stress disorder and feelings of isolation. The suicide rate among Australian veterans is simply unacceptable,” Mr Slavich said.   

The Mach On campaign has already attracted tremendous support from the Australian public with more than 4,800 registered participants and over $700,000 raised.

Every dollar raised as part of the March On challenge will go directly to the services that Soldier On provides to our nation’s current and ex-service personnel and their families to help prevent veteran suicide.  

“Soldier On knows what has to be done. We’ve proven that our programs are comprehensive and relevant to help our veterans and their families build better futures following their service. The challenge now is to expand our services across all areas of the nation where veterans are based, but find themselves without support. This requires funding and the demonstrated support of every Australian. This is why we are marching on in 2021,” added Mr Slavich. 

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