Boeing Secures More Funding for Veterans

In observance of Remembrance Day in Australia, Boeing today announced a $14.2 million charitable grants package supporting 97 veterans organisations worldwide which includes Soldier On as a recipient. Investments will fund veterans workforce transition services and recovery and rehabilitation programs through 2021 and beyond.

“During this challenging time, Boeing is proud to partner with leading veterans organisations to provide our global veteran communities and their families with essential workforce transition support, and recovery and rehabilitation programs that address mental health,” said Boeing President and CEO Dave Calhoun.

“Boeing has a strong and storied history of supporting veterans during and after their time of service,” said Boeing’s Director of Veterans Outreach Jason Pak. “Through our new, industry-leading workforce training program, we will help thousands of veterans and military spouses transition into better jobs, which in turn creates better opportunities for them, their families, Boeing and the entire aerospace industry.”

The latest investment builds on Boeing’s long-standing commitment to veterans and their families. Since 2017, Boeing has donated $41.6 million in support of veterans programs globally.

Soldier On will receive grant funding from Boeing, referred to as “Boeing dollars” which will support social connections activities and continue to fund the Boeing Veterans & Family Engagement Program. The program has enabled a team of psychologists to perform over 1,000 mental health interventions for service members and their families since 2018. Boeing dollars will also support the Pathways program, which has helped more than 150 veterans receive job placements since 2018.