Canberra Glassworks teams up with Soldier On to Commemorate Remembrance Day

In the week leading up to this year’s Remembrance Day, Soldier On is joining with Canberra Glassworks to support its Field of Poppies’, campaign with a donation from the purchase of every glass artwork going to the veteran support services organisation.

Field of Poppies’, is a limited-edition series of glass artworks created by Canberra’s award-winning glass artist Kirstie Rea to commemorate Remembrance Day on 11 November 2020, and is available exclusively from Canberra Glassworks.

Kirstie, the winner of the 2019 Klaus Moje Glass Award, was inspired by her childhood memories of watching televised images of families visiting cemeteries full of white marble tombstones, where their fathers and grandfathers bravely fought at Gallipoli and on the Western Front.

Each exclusive ‘Field of Poppies’ artwork is made from layers of glass containing specks of red glass scattered throughout to symbolise both tombstones and poppies. At the base of the handheld piece is a small section which can be hand engraved with a personalised message of remembrance, for example the name of a loved one or an important date.

Ivan Slavich, CEO of Solider On, comments: “We are delighted to team up with the Canberra Glassworks for this campaign.  Remembrance Day is an extremely emotive time for many veterans and their families and this unique artwork can be something special for people to have to remember their loved ones.”

Julie Skate, CEO of Canberra Glassworks, comments: “We are delighted that Solider On is supporting us on this campaign.  The work they do to support veterans and their families is fantastic and we hope that with the donated funds from our Field of Poppies campaign, this will in some way help to support more people going forward.  We hope to work together on many more campaigns to help veterans and their families.”

The Canberra-born artist holds this project very dear to her as the inspiration came from the memories of her Grandfathers’ experience in World War One.

Kirstie Rea commented: “It is really important to keep your memories close to you and with this object you can hold it in the palm of your hand, have a sense of touch and hold it close to your heart. The glass responds to your body heat and its weight enables you to hold it close to you, as with all heartfelt memories.”

The limited-edition ‘Field of Poppies’ artworks have a RRP of $240 and Canberra Glassworks will be making a donation to Soldier On with every one purchased.

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