At BAE Systems Australia we are proud of the men and women who have served our country and are grateful for their sacrifice. This is why we partner with Soldier On to support the health, employment and rehabilitation of Australia’s veterans, service personnel and their families.

We are honoured to be the primary supporter of the veteran volunteering program Serving On.

Serving On supports veterans to build skills, resilience and connection through meaningful volunteer work and involves a monthly project in various locations, in collaboration with other community-based organisations.

Despite the difficulties Covid-19 has presented, funding provided through our partnership has already enabled the employment of two additional Case Coordinators nationally.

As a veteran herself, BAE Systems CEO Gabby Costigan, had this to say about the partnership.


“Having served this great country I am proud to lead a company that is committed to supporting our veterans as they move from service to civilian life”.

BAE Systems CEO Gabby Costigan

In addition to providing support to Solder On, BAE has recently established an internal Veterans Advisory Committee.

The committee comprises of veterans and their family members from right across the business who are committed to ensuring that BAE Systems becomes an employer of choice and a supportive workplace for the men and women who have served their country.

 “People who have worked in the military bring great skills to a business particularly tenacity, adaptability and problem solving. By providing support, training, skills and experience, we can provide our veterans with the opportunities they need to create a successful future. This makes them a huge asset to any company and we look forward to welcoming more of these highly skilled people to the BAE Systems workforce” said Ms Costigan

Soldier On with BAE Systems are creating and supporting a legacy for Australia’s service personnel, veterans and their families. Together we are building better futures for Australians.