Facing Forward-A new program

Transitioning is a difficult and complicated process, even more so when a person is struggling to adjust their sense of self and identity after service.  Facing Forward is an activity focusing on providing Service Personnel, both men and women, with the tools to adjust and accept their self-image after leaving their service.

Soldier On will provide six (6) women and five (5) men with a full day of workshops and mindfulness experiences to provide the foundation and building blocks which will encourage the participant to confidently embark on their new civilian life.

The day will start with a relaxation massage at Endota Spa, allowing participants to begin the day feeling relaxed, at ease  and ready for the upcoming sessions. The next session will see participants visit Maurice Mead or Westons Barbershop for a new style and lessons on maintenance and styling.  A trip to Mecca will follow for Make-Up lessons aimed at providing confidence.  The day will end at Enex 100 with a clothing styling appointment to assist participants in dressing for success.

Along the way participants will be taught new techniques to adjust to civilian workplaces and strategies to minimise their stress around self-image issues.

One of our participants who has gone through this program has said:

“To say that I was out of my comfort zone would be an understatement, however I knew I needed to put that behind me and delve head first in to be able to experience all of what the day had to offer. The team at Endota were amazing, they were extremely warm and accommodating. I had a skin analysis on my face and was asked a series of questions about my skin routine (which I do not have). They explained that this was normal for a guy my age and then proceeded to explain in a very basic way that I could understand, the importance of skin care and started me off with an easy to follow/use skin care range.”

Our resident Psychologist will work with each person to ensure the continued support of their mental health and well-being throughout the process, and on an ongoing basis if required.

Eligibility: This program is available to all Service Personnel who are in the process of transitioning out of service, or have already left service.

Cost: Free

Contact wa@soldieron.org.au for further information or to apply

PLEASE NOTE: This program is currently being trialled ONLY in WA.