What’s your next career after serving your country? How do you determine what civilian jobs you will be good at? How do you know what jobs use the skills you already have? So many questions and so little answers.  It is possible to transition to a career field that you are passionate about and will love. But it takes a little time and self-reflection to determine what career best suits your personality, values, interests, skills and passion.  

There are steps you should take as part of your first steps toward career transition. Steps to assist you with self-awareness and understanding career options that may be a great fit for you. Self-assessment is the first of these steps. The more you understand yourself and your motivations, the more informed and productive your career search process will be. Research shows that by reflecting on your interests, values, skills and personality traits, as well as key experiences you have enjoyed, you are more likely to be satisfied in your career. 

Soldier On’s Program Officers are trained to help you with all aspects of your transition into civilian employment. Start the process by following the link to the Self-Assessment Guide. Take the time to complete the short but effective worksheets. Once you are done, schedule your appointment with your local Soldier On for an in-depth discussion of the findings and career options which have the highest likelihood of being a successful match. Don’t forget Skype appointments are available.  You can also use the final summary document at the end of the guide to continue career exploration on Onet Online and through the Australian Occupation Collection, ANZSCO. Your Program Officer will teach you how to use these online tools to dig deep and find that perfect career.