Top 10 Tips for Applying For Jobs

1. Always seek a career opportunity that you are interested in, some people just apply for any job, we suggest you find the career that will set you up for your entire working life!  

2. Please don’t just send a resume and hope for the best, research the company, work on a cover letter to support your application and address it to the company. 

3. Find out what the employer is looking for by carefully reading the job description and addressing the selection criteria and essential requirements for each job. 

4. The key words they are using can be included in the covering letter and that will increase your chances to be selected for an interview. 

5. When you do receive a call from the employer always be professional and courteous, don’t ask for things that are unrealistic and work with the employer. 

6. When you go to the interview listen to the questions very carefully and ask questions if you need clarification. 

7. Always present yourself as if you were starting the job on that day, always be on time, get there early to the interview and relax and prepare before you go in. 

8. If you are unsure of how to prepare for an interview please ask Soldier On Staff to give you some hints and even ask for a “Mock Interview” a few days before. 

9. Confidence is very important at the interview, the more prepared you are the more confident you will be on the day. 

10. Always ask Soldier On staff for support, the Employment Team here at Soldier On want you to succeed and want to work with you. 

Dennis O’ Sullivan from the Employment Team says ” We have tremendous support from all the Soldier On Pledge Partners, please don’t miss this opportunity to gain employment with some of the best employers in the country. From labouring positions to Internships with High Tech companies, Building & Construction opportunities in Melbourne and Sydney earning very good salaries, Mining jobs in the Northern Territory, Senior Technical Officers, Truck Drivers, ICT Specialists, Retail opportunities in the Petroleum Industry, Security Officers, Management, Transport and Logistics, Farmhand roles in country areas, Green-keeping and Apprenticeship opportunities. Find the job that suits you and ask Soldier On Employment Staff to assist you with an application. Now is the time to start looking and start applying!”

If you want to talk with one of Soldier On’s qualified Education and Employment staff – please reach out via


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