Host a BBQ This November

Throw another snag/prawn/steak/soy alternative on the barbie and enjoy the mental health benefits!

Sharing experiences and catching up on what’s been happening in our individual and collective lives is an enjoyable way to actively reduce stress and the likelihood of depression and anxiety.

Connection to family, friends, community and a meaningful purpose and vocation not only supports our health and wellbeing but also our relationships and economic prosperity.

At Soldier On working side by side individuals and families to build connection is at the heart of all our programs and services. Whether its strengthening connections to self and others, connections to the community, or employment – it is the cornerstone of what we do.

This November, we are asking Australians to host a BBQ. The activity has a dual purpose – it is a way for you to reconnect with family and friends and enjoy the warmer weather whilst also raising funds for Soldier On.

By hosting a BBQ you will be doing you and your friends a service in strengthening their protective factors against depression and anxiety as well as supporting those, and their families, who put their lives on the line to protect and secure Australia.

What an awesome excuse to enjoy some sun, good food and time with friends and family.

Register your BBQ (or virtual BBQ) here: