Jordan’s Transition Story

“At the time of my discharge I considered myself mentally well, however I don’t consider this to be true now”

Jordan discharged from the Army after 5 years’ service, including an operational tour to Afghanistan.  Jordan said his experiences as a soldier combined with prolonged unemployment and financial stress, as well as a lack of direction in life, contributed to his declining mental state.

“I had always wanted to join the Army, but I never gave any thought to what happens after. My decision to discharge was sudden, and I was ill prepared for the challenges of civilian life. I didn’t have a job to go to, or even a direction to follow. As a result, I developed severe depression and anxiety.”

“My partner and I led a nomadic life after I left the Army. We moved across country four times in two years chasing employment opportunities and for various other reasons,” he said.  “I can [now] recognise that there were deeper issues that I was trying to avoid.”

“It was only through the support of my partner that I eventually confronted the reality that I was not well, and that I needed help.”

Jordan and his partner made the decision to move to Canberra to access support offered by Soldier On.  Jordan credits Soldier On with putting him in touch with counseling services and helping him gain meaningful employment in an industry he was interested in.

“I now work as an Associate for PwC, after completing a 12 month Veterans Internship.  The internship is designed to assist transitioning veterans establish a new career and build new skills.” he said.

Jordan is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Politics and International Relations.  PwC offers flexible working arrangements, which greatly assist with his study schedule.

“My experiences in the Army gave me some valuable experiences, ones that I’ll never forget. I hope to use the skills and experiences I’ve gained to help other Veterans who may be facing similar issues.”

*Jordan joined the Australian Army in 2009. He was deployed to Afghanistan within Mentoring Task Force 2, where he served in a force protection platoon that protected Australian mentoring teams as they trained the Afghan National Army.  On returning to Australia, he continued to serve in 5RAR until his discharge in 2014.