Soldier On Expansion Announcement – #SideBySide

Today, on World Mental Health Day, Soldier On announced its #sidebyside services expansion.  Through this expansion, Soldier On is demonstrating it stands with those who put themselves on the line to protect Australia, helping them to secure their futures – just as they serve side by side to protect Australia.

Securing and protecting Australia in complex environments, domestically and globally, requires integrated multiagency and multidisciplinary teams of serving men and women from across the national security agency to work side by side.

On operations, onshore and offshore, Australian Defence Force and National Security Personnel support one another, side by side.  At home, this should not be any different.

Primarily recognised as a veteran support organisation, Soldier On has consistently supported other serving men and women who have been impacted by their side by side service with the ADF. This has included current and former staff from Departments of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Immigration, Attorney-Generals and Defence and agencies such as the Australian Federal Police and Australian Border Force.

As we have grown in our understanding of the impacts of service on individuals and families we have also developed a deep appreciation of the sense of isolation and alienation non ADF serving men and women and their families can experience when they are impacted by service.

Drawing on the growing body of international evidence around the importance of connection, community and collaboration, we have seen the positive benefits individuals and families from non ADF backgrounds experience when they are able to access services, support and connection alongside those they served side by side with.

It is with this understanding, Soldier On today publicly announces its #sidebyside services expansion

“Five years ago, I was wounded overseas working side by side with Australia’s military and when I returned to Australia I was welcomed by Soldier On who assisted me and my family.

I would encourage others from both the military and those who have worked side by side with the ADF to come forward and engage with Soldier On and take advantage of the services and mateship that they offer and to help you in your future and your transition to civilian life.”    David Savage, Former AFP Officer, Soldier On Ambassador

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