Pollie Pedal 2017 – Veteran Rider Profile – Todd Berry

todd berry

Todd Berry

Name: Todd Berry

Age: 46

Did you serve in Army, Navy or Air Force? 


When did you serve? 

March 1989 – February 2007

What job role did you undertake?

I served in Infantry and Special Operations both as a soldier and as a commissioned officer.

Did you deploy to any other countries? If so, where and what was it like? 

Yes; Malaysia, PNG, NZ, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and East Timor. Most of my deployments overseas were exchanges and exercises. One of my favourite jobs was as an instructor at the Malaysian Royal Military College for two years. I learnt to speak Malay and understand the Malaysian culture. My only operational deployment was to East Timor as a Company Commander with the Commando Battalion, it was a great privilege to command Special Operations soldiers during warlike service.

What is one of your favourite memories while serving in the Defence Force?

There were many, however postings as an instructor have given me many fond memories. It was extremely rewarding watching young men and women develop during their time in training establishments.

What did you learn from the military that benefited you most in life?

Self discipline and punctuality.

What do you miss the most about serving in the Defence Force?

The camaraderie and mateship.

Why and when did you take up bike riding?

I started riding consistently to prepare for my first half ironman triathlon in 2014.

What are you most looking forward to on Pollie Pedal Bike Ride 2017? 

Riding with other frontline members that have been affected by their service to our country. I hope I will get the opportunity to engage with members of the community about Defence and EMS issues post service.

Donate to Todd’s fundraising efforts here – https://polliepedalsoldieringon.everydayhero.com/au/todd