Pollie Pedal 2017 – Veteran Rider Profile – Robbie Thompson

Robbie Thompson

Robbie Thompson

Name: Robbie Thompson (Robbie T or Thomo)

Age: 44

Did you serve in Army, Navy or Air Force?


When did you serve?


What job role did you undertake?

Physical Training Instructor

What were the favourite parts of your job? 

Motivating members to always improve themselves and strive to be their best

Did you deploy to any other countries? If so, where and what was it like?

Thailand, New Zealand, USA, Canada and the Solomon Islands. I always enjoyed embracing cultures of all countries, during peacetime and assisting during conflict. Making a difference!

What is one of your favourite memories while serving in the Defence Force?

Lifetime friends and the skills I acquired

What did you learn from the military that benefited you most in life?

Respect, integrity, mateship and honour

What do you miss the most about serving in the Defence Force? 

The friends and travel

What is your job now?

Station Officer with the ACT Fire & Rescue

Why and when did you take up bike riding? 

In 2009, I needed an activity to assist with managing my PTSD. The relationship between mental health and physical activity is well documented and there is no better way to clear the mind, get some fresh air and stay healthy.

What are you most looking forward to on Pollie Pedal Bike Ride 2017?

Being a voice for the veteran community to members of Parliament. Sharing what we as a veteran community need and hopefully inspiring some people along the way and making some lifetime new friends

Support Robbie’s fundraising efforts here – https://polliepedalsoldieringon.everydayhero.com/au/robbie