Connecting Students with Modern-Day Veterans this Anzac Day

a soldier's medals

This Anzac Day, Soldier On is looking to partner with schools around Australia to connect our younger generations with our modern-day veterans.

Students often learn about the brave men and women who fought for and served Australia in WWI and WWII. While these veterans will always have a special place in our hearts and history, Soldier On believes students will also benefit from hearing stories from our modern-day diggers.

Connecting students with modern-day veterans

To help connect students to our veterans of today, Soldier On has developed an Anzac Day Pack for Primary Schools.

It includes:

• An Anzac Day assembly run sheet; complete with links to relevant songs, readings and the last post.

• A 90 second video of a veteran sharing his or her story as a modern-day veteran that can be played at Anzac Day assemblies.

• Classroom resources, including:

  • interactive video with a former soldier, sailor and airwoman answering questions about being deployed overseas;
  • interactive video with 16-year-old author, Jessica Love who is the daughter of a veteran;
  • a find-a-word;
  • true or false quiz;
  • links to books and songs;
  • information about how to email our troops overseas or send them postcards;
  • a recipe for Anzac biscuits;
  • a video teaching students how to salute; and
  • a sticker for each student.

We believe this ties into specific parts of the national curriculum for years Foundation to Year 6. Please contact us for more information.

Why get involved?

In return, Soldier On is asking primary schools to collect a gold coin from students to donate to Soldier On. The money raised will help Soldier On deliver vital support services to modern-day veterans and their family members. Our services include mental health support, employment and education support and reintegration support. These services focus on helping veterans and families overcome any impacts from their service, readjust to a normal life and build successful and happy futures.

Register your school’s interest

To register for our Anzac Day Pack for Primary Schools, please email or call (02) 6188 6122.