Soldier On’s Veteran and Family Employment Opportunities

Yesterday Australian media heavily covered Soldier On’s new Veteran and Family Support program, which directly supports the Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Initiative announced earlier today.

This program, which we spent 12 months researching and developing, is an exciting step forward for veterans and their families. It is not just about creating job opportunities. It is about providing veterans and their families with vital support services, resources and opportunities to build success, happy futures post service to Australia.

After all they have sacrificed – after all they have done for our country – this is the least we can do for them. As our CEO and Co-Founder, John Bale says “it is about giving veterans a hand-up not a hand-out”. Our veterans are not victims. They are remarkable assets and have a lot to give to Australian Industry and community.

Our program is about recognising our veterans’ remarkable skillsets, training and experiences. In return we encourage industry to provide them with fitting job opportunities. Our veterans have been leaders in uniform, lets allow them to also be leaders out of it.

So what do you need to know about Soldier On’s Veteran and Family Support Program?

Soldier On has identified transitioning from the military to civilian life is a stressful experience for veterans and their families. That’s why we have hired a team of experts to help veterans and their families better navigate this process.

To help veterans forge new career paths and overcome any impacts from their service, we provide the following services:

Employment Support Services

  • Soldier On has Veteran and Family Support Officers working in our centres that specialise in helping veterans and their families forge new career paths after leaving the military.
  • These services are open to all veterans who have served in the Defence Force since 1990, as well as their family members.
  • These services will help veterans leverage existing skillsets for civilian employment, identify gaps in their skillsets and identify appropriate training, education and career development opportunities to forge new career paths.
  • Veteran and Family Support Officers will also work on short-term and long-term employment goals with veterans, recognising many will need to earn an income while they pursue a new career.
  • Ensure veterans and their family members are prepped and suited for job opportunities. If unsuccessful, Soldier On will continue to support you not only through employment and training opportunities but through social connected activities and psychological support, if required.
  • For those unable to return to paid employment, Soldier On is setting up volunteer opportunities so there is the chance to continue to engage with others and connect with the community.
  • As well as through our centres, these services are available via Skype and phone meetings.

Mental Health Support

  • Soldier On provides evidence-based psychology treatments to veterans who have been affected by their service, as well as their family members, including partners, children, parents and siblings.
  • Veterans do not have to have deployed to be eligible for this service.
  • Our psychologists have specific experience in supporting those who have served.
  • Our psychologists have specific knowledge, training and experience in working with people affected by trauma, including traumas not related to combat.
  • We can help with:
    • Transition from military to civilian life
    • Impact of deployment/separation/relocation and family integration
    • Complex Trauma/PTSD and stress-related issues
    • Mood disorders, such as depression
    • Anxiety disorders
    • Relationship and interpersonal difficulties
    • Chronic pain and injury adjustment concerns
  • Our psychology services incur no out of pocket expenses to veterans and their family members.
  • There are no limits on the number of sessions allowed.

Social Connected Activities and Programs

  • Soldier On offers a range of social connected activities and programs to encourage veterans and their families to reconnect with themselves, their loved ones and the wider community.
  • Social connected activities and programs have a range of purposes and benefits, from forming part of a veteran’s mental health treatment to allowing veterans to connect with other veterans and families and build vital support networks.
  • Soldier On offers a range of programs and activities, ensuring there is something for everyone. Examples include:
    • Soldier On’s Surf ‘Therapy’ Program
    • Golf days
    • Coffee catch-ups
    • Art classes
    • Creative writing classes
    • Music classes
    • Yoga classes
    • Men’s and women’s weekend workshops
    • Family days
    • Sailing days
    • Cycling programs
    • Learn to play programs
    • Volunteering programs and opportunities

You do not have to access all our support services. Some veterans or family members may just want help forging a new career path. Others may want to access our mental health support services. And some people may just want to catch up with other veterans and families and attend our social connected activities and programs. We encourage veterans and their families to connect with Soldier On to access any of these services.

We acknowledge the experiences veterans have endured throughout their military experience will stay with them for life, which means we will be here to support them for today, tomorrow and the rest of their life.

To register for this program, please email your name, contact details and location to