Veterans’ Health Week: Chairman of Soldier On, Peter Leahy on 2CC Breakfast Show

“For many [veterans] it is quite difficult [to transition back into civilian life] and, as we have seen with great sadness, too many of them are dying because of suicide… that’s the worst of it.”

“But others find it really quite difficult to find a job; to connect into the community because they have been away. They have seen some pretty awful things. Some of them have been injured in really quite terrible manners. Some of them are finding it difficult in their families.”

“So I think what we can take from [Veterans’ Health Week] is good on DVA for doing it. But also say to the community reach out [to veterans] and say, ‘Can I help you?/ What’s going on?/ What have you done?’… This is a really good week for the public to stand up and say, ‘We really appreciate what our veterans have done. What can we do to help you now?’”

– LTGEN Peter Leahy AC (r’td), Chairman of Soldier On and former chief of army.

Listen to the full interview, which was on the 2CC in Canberra this morning: