Nominations are open for positions on the SOLDIER ON ADVISORY GROUP

The purpose of the Soldier On Advisory Group is to create a consultative body for Veterans and family members utilising Soldier On services. This body will empower the Veteran community to have greater influence on matters that affect them, within the context of Soldier On programs and services.

Reporting directly to the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, the Soldier On Advisory Group will give the Veteran community a voice and ensure the Veteran perspective is considered in the design and delivery of programs and services. Incorporating these thoughts and elements into current and future programs will also ensure effective allocation of resources. In addition, the Advisory Group will have the opportunity to present to the Soldier On Board throughout the year.

The Soldier On Advisory Group liaises between Veterans, the Chief Executive Officer and the wider Soldier On community to ensure that veteran interests are represented and reflected.

Soldier On Advisory Group Composition

The Soldier On Advisory Group will be comprised of both veterans and family members and will be facilitated by Soldier On employees. A group of twelve people will be invited to participate for approximately one year. Advisory members will be rotated on and off on an annual basis with the goal of transitioning half the group every year to ensure continued enthusiasm and diversity of views. Subject matter experts will also be invited to attend and provide specialist input on specific matters. It is acknowledged that not all members will be available for all meetings. The Soldier On Advisory Board must to the extent practicable consist of:

  • Seven Veterans from a range of states and territories representing a mix of male and female veterans of different ages;
  • Three Family members with a cross section of family structures and ages;
  • Two engaged members of the Veteran community;
  • Up to three subject matter experts, depending on the topic of discussion

Veterans will be appointed to the Advisory Group through nomination and selection by an internal Soldier On selection panel. The prime objective will be to maintain a diverse range of backgrounds and viewpoints.

Meetings will be held 3 times per year commencing in September 2016.

To nominate please do so online via the following link (

Nominations Close

21 August 2016

Please note: these positions are on a volunteer basis and you do NOT need to live in, or travel to, Canberra to be appointed to the Advisory Group.