Psychologists at Soldier On

Soldier On employed its first clinical psychologist in late 2014. Seeing the great success of the early programs and support provided by this staff member, Soldier On will be hiring psychologists in each of the Centres across Australia as soon as adequate funding can be found.

Soldier On Psychologists have specific experience with veterans’ issues and provide their services free of charge for those who have served and their families. The services are completely anonymous and sessions have filled in the ACT much sooner than anticipated.

Frontline staff are vital, as these psychologists provide acute care for those who need it the most. They can provide referrals, schedule regular sessions, and work with veterans and their families to cope with some of the massive challenges they face in their recovery.

When our clients are ready, the psychologist also works with other members of the Soldier On team to link them with other programs such as women’s or men’s weekends, family retreats, educational opportunities and much more.

We are also working hard to ensure we do not repeat existing services, working with organisations like the Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service (VVCS) to achieve the best support for wounded Australians.

Psychologists are working from our Canberra Reintegration and Recovery Centre, with plans to roll out this support to all our Centres across the country. Click here to find out more!

If you aren’t in Canberra, and need psychological support, please click here for services you can connect to for help.