Why yoga is good for you.

Yoga is not the first choice for many of ex-serving men and women, however thousands around the world have found it a positive way to enhance their rehabilitation.

Mindfulness and meditation are common techniques used by psychologists when treating people with issues such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Yoga is very similar and brings groups of people together to challenge themselves physically, take some valuable time for themselves, and become aware of how they can manage some of the symptoms of their mental health issues.

In the USA and UK, Yoga has been proven to have a significantly positive impact on veterans. A study of men and women who were deployed to Iraq was conducted, and the major results of the study showed Yoga was effective in reducing anxiety and participants showed significantly greater improvement in mental health and quality-of-life factors.

Here in Australia, Soldier On have had families join us in sessions across the country and they have sad the classes are relaxing and great for veterans, partners and families alike. We have also had veterans become so passionate they have studied to become yoga instructors themselves, holding sessions at the Soldier On Reintegration and Recovery Centres.

So give Yoga a go at home or at one of our Soldier On Centres. You may feel a bit self-conscious at first, but the classes are a great way to look after yourself!

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Photo credit: Shea Photography.