Soldier On response to Royce Hardman of Triggers Big Trek

Royce Hardman has raised $57,000* for Soldier On, asking that it be spent on veterans in WA. In response to this request, we have been able to put a lot of work in to motion. With one staff member already employed in Perth to provide face-to-face support for veterans with PTSD and other physical and psychological wounds. We are now recruiting a second staff member to enhance this work and connect with more veterans in WA.

Next year we will also be opening a new Centre which will eventually house a clinical psychologist, facilities for physical rehabilitation (yoga, PT, etc.), workshop spaces for educational opportunities, and offices for other ex-service organisations to work from. These are vital support services that are needed in the area, and that we’re excited to be able to provide.

We expect that we will be spending more than $150,000 of donated money (including Royce’s) on this work in WA in 2015/2016.

Royce was able to see this type of Centre in Canberra when he visited, a Centre that provides assistance to more than 100 veterans each month. He saw that we have three staff members working to assist a vibrant community of families throughout the state. He met our clinical psychologist with a full caseload of clients, as well as a group of veterans seeking support from Soldier On, who may have otherwise not been supported.

We have placed regular calls to Royce, sourced sponsors and in-kind supporters for him along the way, given him the chance to share his story with Prince Charles and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and helped spread his story online.

Soldier On respects his decision to separate from Soldier On, but we want it to be clear that we are proud of his work, proud of what he has achieved and proud that he chose Soldier On to support.

Soldier On raised more than $3 million for veterans last financial year thanks to hundreds of fundraisers, corporate sponsors and grants. Our financial statements are available for the public to view at Every dollar we raise, contributes to our work to help our wounded men, women and families. We have never hidden how we spend our money and are proud of the hundreds of veterans assisted through this work. We will also be publishing our Annual Report for 2014/15 next week.

We also secure a lot of pro-bono support to keep our administration costs low, this includes our accounting, legal, and HR expenses, which means that we have more money for frontline staff, programs for our veterans and direct support for their families.

If you have any questions about how we spend our money, please check out our independently audited financial reports at, watch out for our annual report that is coming out next week, or you can email the team at

This is a response to a post on social media by Royce Hardman of Trigger’s Big Trek. You can see the post by clicking here.


* It should be noted that a portion of the money raised, around $5,000, was spent by Royce on his trek. This is relatively normal, as many fundraisers have costs they need to meet as they raise money for Soldier On.