East Timor Volunteer Program – the project begins

The group reported for work at the Bairo Pire Clinic and was welcomed by the Clinic Manager Fi Oakes. After a tour and brief, our construction manager, Andrew Gaye from The Citadel Group met the local contractor Norman Bruce, an expat Australian to plan the way ahead. The task was to erect a car port for the clinic’s ambulances and some shelter over some of the walkways between wards.

Whilst this was happening, some of the group began cleaning down and painting the inside of a clinic building whilst Sarah Curby from The Citadel Group started repairs to the rendering. Fi Oakes found out John Bettley was a former Air Force chef and asked for his services to assist the clinic kitchen staff in developing good kitchen and food handling processes.

2 Building contractor Norman Bruce showing Andrew Gare the plan 2 Johny Belo from the Australian Defence Cooperation Program and Sarah Cubby

The next day, the group arrived bright and early to begin work. The contractor’s team was on the job ready to go. The Soldier On group again broke into sub groups, some painting, some assisting with the construction, and John back to working with the catering staff.

– This story was prepared by veteran and participant, Graeme H.

This program was made possible through the generous sponsorship and support of Citadel Group, Jamieson Foley and Geelong Rotary.